Transcribe. Edit. Design.
All in one place.
Twiso transcribes your web recordings and allows everyone to search, edit, design and transform them into marketing materials - no professional skills required.
Turn your web recordings into content that is worth sharing.
Don't just record. Promote.Sale.Onboard.
Whether you are a sales, marketing or HR, create internal and external assets using our library of pre-designed templates. Boost sales, improve CTR or fasten onboarding with branded content.
Stop relying on external help. Edit your video by editing text.
Our word processor automatically trascribes your audio into text. Search for a specific sentense through hours of recorded content in seconds.
Cut silences, and delete all "uh", "um", "I mean", and other meaningless words.
A modern way to edit video and audio content.
From vlogging to corporate webinars, tutorials to podcasts, our software empowers non-design teams to create content that is worth sharing.